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Name That Lipstick!

19 May

If you played last time, you know how this goes. Otherwise, read the first post here. I will announce the actual shade tomorrow! Good Luck!

Mystery Lipstick!

Wearing the Mystery Lipstick!

Update: This is Guerlain Rouge G in Georgia! This was a tough one, next time I will make it a little easier! 


Name That Blush!

15 May

I have decided to inject a *little* fun over here at Bloomin’ Beauty and start a new series called “Name That….” I will fill in the blank each week (or as often as I can) with a swatch either on my face or on my wrist of a product, and you try to guess what it is! How fun! I love games and I love trivia, cheers! There is no prize for winning, except the satisfaction that you are a bona fide makeup queen if you get it right! Answers will be posted 1-2 days after the original post. Enjoy!

Do you know what shade I am or what company makes me?

UPDATE: This powder blush is from MAC’s permanent line, Fleur Power! Wasn’t this fun? 🙂