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January Favorites!

7 Feb

Hello all! I have decided to start doing favorites monthly now, as time permits.

First up, a splurge item from Chanel (as seen in Michele1218’s videos on youtube, link is in the left side bar). It is the Soleil tan de Chanel bronzing makeup base, and I really  really enjoy this product.

Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel

The smell of this is divine! I love the creamy consistency and it blends so smoothly. It gives the perfect glowy bronze look and it is matte. It was more expensive than I would normally pay for a bronzer but I haven’t seen another product quite like this. If you haven’t seen or tried this, I recommend visiting a Chanel counter and checking it out!

My next favorite is an eyeshadow palette I have already reviewed here. I have been raving and raving about this palette, which is again from something I saw in Michele1218’s videos (love her!).

Tarina Tarantino Sparklicity Palette

There isn’t much more to say then I have already said in the review. I use this palette SO frequently, more frequently than even my UD Naked Palette. Love, love love!

Now on to my favorite lip product of the month. It’s a lipstick by MAC and I have been wearing this almost every day.

MAC Freckletone

It is my favorite nude lipstick. It isn’t chalky or cakey looking and it is a warm nude instead of a cool pink nude. It looks great with my skintone and is wearable with just about everything.

Another MAC product that I am currently loving are the paint pots. I have a few colors but my two current favorites are Rubenesque and Soft Ochre.

MAC Paint Pot Soft Ochre and Rubenesque

I have been using these everyday. Not together, of course, but one or the other. Soft Ochre is great for neutralizing any discoloration on your eye (veins, etc.). These act as great bases. I still use a primer underneath, because they can crease on you. They really help bring out the color in eye shadows. They also help the shadows stick better. Great product.

Last thing by MAC as a favorite for January is an MSF I found last month at a CCO but didn’t really start using until this month. It is the Refined MSF.

MAC MSF Refined

I am glad I found this. I have heard about this on various blog and videos I watch. It is so natural and not over the top like other MSFs can be (I am looking at you, Shimpagne). I love using this as a highlight and even lightly dusting all over my face because it isn’t super sparkly or shimmery. I will have swatches coming up soon.

My next favorite is a blush I had my eye on for a long time before finally swatching it a Sephora and deicing I needed to have it. Check out NARS Douceur.

NARS Douceur

It shouldn’t be a surprise that this is my favorite blush this month since it pairs nicely with my fav lipstick and eyeshadow palette. I have been wearing them all combined together A LOT. NARS blushes blend well and although the vast majority of their blushes are highly pigmented, this one has a more subdued feel which makes it nice to pair with a more dramatic and bold eye. Be careful with this one, depending on your skin tone it may not show up on you, or you may have to layer it quite a bit to show up. I am NC37 for reference.

My last favorite is going to go be nail polish. I usually change my polish every 2-3 days because I just love to experiment, but this is a polish that I can wear for days and days and I normally don’t like nudes. This one just works for me so well. It’s from Essie’s spring collection, it’s called Topless and Barefoot!

Essie Barefoot and Topless

This polish lasts on me for at least a week. It would have lasted longer I am sure but I changed my polish to match a dress for an event I went to . Nude polishes usually don’t look flattering on me but this one works with my skin tone. It is a creme finish and it had a nice smooth application.

Well, that sums up my go-to products for the last month. I love hearing and reading about other people’s favorite items, so please leave your ideas in the comments below or tweet me your favs!