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The Best Way to Declutter Your Makeup….

6 Jan

Hello lovelies! This summer I discovered a wonderful new way to declutter my makeup stash, namely, my eyeshadows. You know, the zillion little singles you have lying around in drawers, obnoxiously unorganized and underused? Have no fear! Enter, the Z Palette.

My Z Palette

This is a magnetic empty palette and is your canvas to design as you see fit. I purchased mine from for $20 and I chose the Zebra print version, though they come in other varieties. This is the large size and holds a number of eyeshadows. At first glance I can see Urban Decay, Stila, Pop, Prescriptives, and Ulta shadows in there. Most of these shadows came in their own containers, which I had to de-pot (sometimes this can be difficult) in order to place them in here. But throwing out all those containers and organizing the shadows in here gives me access to several shades I was overlooking because they were buried in my stash. Not to mention the space it cleared up by doing so! I plan to get at least one more Z Palette because I thoroughly enjoy the convenience and travel ability it gives me. It is worth noting that it is very sturdy as well. The clear view top is almost acrylic like in hardness. The only word of caution I have is that not all potted shadows are magnetic, so you may need to go to your local craft store and buy some magnet stickers to stick on the back of your shadows. Isn’t this such a great idea?!