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My Current Obsessions

1 May

Hello ladies! Happy May! It was an awful, wet and cold April. I am looking forward to May in a big way! More sun, warmth, and of course…flowers! 🙂 I really get into gardening, and my lavender is already green again and growing and so are my Irises! I love growing my own herbs and different flowers. I will definitely share pictures along the way this spring and summer!

I wanted to pull together all of the items I have been using pretty much daily so you can get an idea of what I am “obsessing” over at the moment.

Dish of Obsessions!

  1. DDF Oil-Free Moisturizing Dew: I have finally found my HG moisturizer in this. It was a 100 point perk on, and it sounded interesting. Before using my points on it I read the reviews and people with oily skin were RAVING about this product. I knew I had to try it after that, being an oily/combo skin gal myself. This stuff feels amazing on the skin. It never feels greasy or oily or anything like that. EVER.
  2. Guerlain Meteorites Primer: I have already reviewed this here, but cannot say enough how much I enjoy using this product. And use it I do, every single day. I really feel like this gives my skin that added boost of luminosity and smoothness.
  3. Tarte Amazonian Clay foundation and MAC Pro Longwear Concealer: My HG foundation and HG concealer are never far from reach. After trying numerous of each, I have finally settled into happy land with these two essentials. Let’s face it, if you don’t have these two right, you can’t be fully happy with your makeup, at least I can’t!
  4. MAC Quad: I finally got the brilliant idea that keeping all of MAC shadows in 15 pan palettes is great for saving space, it isn’t the most conducive to using the shadows on a daily basis. So I took four of my favorites and plunked them into this quad. I don’t use them all together, but sometimes I do use just this quad for my eye makeup. Patina is great all over the lid in a rush. I love using Nylon on the upper lid and blending Mystery halfway onto the lid and into the crease for a grey smokey look. Soft Brown can and is used in many, many looks to blend out harsh edges.

    MAC Shadows L-R: Nylon, Patina, Soft Brown, Mystery

    T-B: Stila Kajal Topaz, MAC Sharkskin, JK Dewy Glow Rose Gold

  5. Jemma Kidd Dewy Glow: Although more recent to my collection I can already say that I am 100% in love. After trying it out I promptly returned Amber Diamond as this gives the same effect but in my preferred texture! Those of you who prefer creams and liquid highlights to powder will definitely want to give this a go! I got it in the shade Rose Gold.
  6. Stila Kajal Liner in Topaz: I have never really liked white on the waterline (except certain special circumstances and looks) I prefer more of a nude liner there. Having struggled to find something to stay the course on the waterline I finally settled on Topaz during the latest F&F sale at Sephora. I have used it everyday since and I am so impressed with the staying power! Keep in mind that my eyes are not watery and I don’t suffer from allergies so this may affect your results if you do.
  7. MAC Sharkskin Shadestick (Disc.): Found at a CCO in Orlando earlier this year. I had wanted it for some time and was delighted at finding it. I recently re-discovered it upon digging through my collection one day. I use an eyeliner brush and swipe it on my eyes. I have no problems with it staying put. Much more brightening than a black liner!

    Tarte Clay Blush in Flush

  8. Tarte Clay Blush in Flush: Ahh, long lost love. When I first discovered my love for these blushes back in February I went on a spree and snatched up 6 shades right away. To my dismay I haven’t had a chance to play with all of them that much because, yes, I have several other new blushes to try as well. Flush is gorgeous! It was one of the first two I chose (the other being Tipsy) for good reason. You should check this shade out if you haven’t already!

That wraps up my current obsessions, save for two things: my new favorite mascaras! I am saving those for a separate post, coming right after this one! I can’t wait to share these with you guys because I am really excited about these two products!

Do we share any obsessions? What products do you find yourself reaching for day in and day out?


FOTD with Tarte and Giorgio Armani

27 Apr

It’s the middle of the week, and cloudy yet again. This is seriously the longest streak of gloomy weather ever. Record rain and all of these clouds has made life positively dull. But sun is in the forecast soon! Hooray!

Meanwhile, I took some products for a spin today, and here is what I ended up putting together to brighten this otherwise gloomy day!

Today's FOTD!

Product Rundown:



  • UD Primer Potion (original)
  • Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill #8- Champagne all over lid
  • Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill #4- Pulp Fiction Blended into crease, used as liner on upper lashline, blended into outer part of lower lashline
  • Stila Kajal liner in Topaz for waterline
  • UD 24-7 liner in Perversion for tightlining
  • Givenchy Phenomen’eyes Effet mascara in Extension Black
  • Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara in Black


  • MAC Naked lip pencil
  • MAC Lovelorn Lipstick
  • EOS lip balm (hate it, but I am trying to use it up!!)

So far, the Eyes to Kill Intense shadows are amazing! I love the pigmentation and consistency of them. Full review coming soon, but I bet in the mean time Khaki Pulse shows up at my doorstep 😉 Also making it’s debut in this FOTD but I have been using for about two weeks now is the Givenchy mascara. This is by far the best mascara I have ever used. It was recommended in a video (several in fact) by GossMakeupArtist on Youtube. Very glad I took the plunge and picked it up. Full review coming on that item as well!

You will notice I mixed several products to make my “foundation” and have been using this same combo for awhile. I really like the oil control the Tarte foundation gives me, but it’s getting to be a bit thick for this time of year. So I add a bit of tinted moisturizer and a bit of highlighter to it and I am set. I spritz my foundation brush once with Fix+ and I really like the effect this gives my foundation and the added longevity it gives my face makeup as a whole.

How have you been changing up your foundation routine? Have you found something that really works for this transition period into summer?

8th World Wonder? Sure Is!

18 Apr

Good Afternoon ladies! I am looking forward to the coming Easter holiday and of course the short week due to the holiday. I need some time to unwind from all of the craziness at work lately. No doubt most of you have heard about the Tarte Amazonian Clay 8th World Wonder Set on QVC. I purchased this back in February on auto-delivery in the color Medium. I did subsequently change my shade to Tan, because it does run a bit light. If you found your shade didn’t match and you have this on auto-delivery, contact QVC customer service and they will happily change your shade for you. There are two more sets coming out in June and September with new liners, gloss, shadows, blushes and a new brush debuting in each kit. The bag it comes in also changes. The only steady things in this set is the foundation and the mascara. It was $56 including shipping, a total steal! Check it out and see why everyone is going nuts for this set!

Tarte Foundation Brush

Tarte Amazonian Clay Eyeshadow Quad

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush Glisten

L-R: Lipgloss in Golden, Mascara, Eye Quad, Glisten, Liner in Golden Plum, Foundation in Medium

Let me start by saying I have used the brush and foundation just about every single say since getting it. Although lately I have been branching out and trying to find a lighter foundation for summer, this is HG material for me. It is full coverage, so if you don’t care for that you may not enjoy this foundation. I don’t know what ingredient it is, but it really helps control the shine on my forehead when I wear this. I have also tried mixing a bit of moisturizer with it to thin it out, and I like wearing it that way too. The brush! Oh, the brush! I am so grateful they included this in the set. It gives me a truly airbrushed feel and look. Love it! I don’t think I have to go into the clay blush. We have been there before…but this shade is lovely, a NARS orgasm looking shade and one of the few clay blushes that has shimmer in it! The eye quad lasts forever and creates natural and smokey eyes with ease. I used this on my mom and she loved it so much. She has hazel eyes and the purple looked fantastic on her (hint-hint my hazel eyed readers). The gloss is also nice, nothing fancy but I have been keeping it in my travel bag to throw over just about any lip color I wearing. I don’t have too much to say about the eyeliner as I haven’t used it much…it just isn’t a color I wear as liner a whole lot. I would have preferred a brown or bronze. But, I think the next set has a bronze or brown shade. The Lights! Camera! Lashes! mascara works nicely, but it probably isn’t my favorite mascara. But it toally does the job and doesn’t clumb up.

If you have the opportunity, order this kit. I know on QVCs website the only shade left is deep right now. I hope that in June they will have more in stock with the auto delivery coming on at that time. Do you have this kit? if you do, how much do you love it?!

Mix ‘n’ Match

11 Apr

Good Afternoon ladies! I hope all of your Mondays have been treating you well. I am so geared up for spring and summer after this bought of super warm weather this weekend, I just want to live outside! I cannot wait to start buying flowers and plants again!

In the mean time, I can still have lots of fun with makeup! About two weeks ago I posted a twitpic of a mixed blush (a cream base and a powder over the top) to show how you have so many more blushes than you think you own if you have a few of each! I love to create my own custom colors when I have the time, so I thought I would share with you guys a few ideas of mixing up your own colors.

L-R: NARS Cactus Flower, Milani Luminoso, Mixed Together

Above, you can see that both of these blushes are beautiful in their own right. But just look what a gorgeous color it makes when you blend them together? A stunning bright peachy-coral. I shade that I would love to purchase all by itself!

L-R: MAC Cream Color Base Madly Magenta, Tarte Adored, Mixed Together

Here I wanted to really bring out the color in Tarte’s Adored Amazonian Clay Blush. It is pretty and slightly more subtle on it’s own, but when added to Madly Magenta you really take it up a notch (or 5, lol).  But I absolutely love the way this blush came out! It reminds me of how MAC Sakura blush out to have been, by looking at the pan and having swatched it. This combo is much, much better!

L-R: MAC Cream Color Base Tickle Me Pink, NARS Taj Mahal, Mixed Together

This is the picture that inspired this post, as well as a friendly suggestion from the very talented 25FLondon. I was trying to create a tangerine shade of blush, and I think I pulled it off quite well. I will definitely be using this combo in the summer, as my skin gets a bit more color to it.

Whether you like the color of the blush as it is (I like every one of these very much on their own) or if you aren’t quite happy with it, it is rather fun to play around and make new colors from the ones you already have. I think that’s part of the “art” of makeup and bringing out your creative side. I do this with eyeshadows and bases, and lipsticks and lipliners all the time, as I am sure most of you do as well. I would love to see some of the other things you ladies come up with, so I “tag” you all to do a post like this.