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Nail Polish Swatch-a-thon, 1.0

18 May

Helllooooo ladies! I am a nail polish addict, and I have no problem admitting that I have a slight problem with getting so many nail polishes, in the belief that each color I see is somehow so unique and so special. Well, obviously that’s not the case, but I do have several newer shades to you. This isn’t so much a review as it is a swatch file. I don’t have time or the energy to swatch my entire nail polish collection, but I am trying to show you some shades I have gotten more recently. Something like a reference page. I am about to show you over 40 polishes, so buckle in! This post is pic heavy! Side Note: In some of these pictures my fingers look a little yellow, that’s thanks to Essie’s Brazilliant, unfortunately 😦 but, no I am not jaundiced and no the lighting wasn’t throwing off yellow tones in case you were curious) Enjoy!

L-R: Sally Hansen Evening Fog, Sephora by OPI Under My Trench Coat, Zoya Harley, Butter London All Hail the Queen

Note:  I believe Evening Fog was a LE shade, but it is a great puddy shade if you can find it! Butter London has gorgeous shimmer in it, and is swiftly rising to the top of my favorites in terms of formula as well as color. I had my eye on Under My Trench Coat for awhile, and I am glad I got it, as it’s a nice greige. Zoya Harley has been compared to a discontinued Sephora by OPI shade I had wanted so I am glad to have the next best thing!

L-R: Rimmel Steel Grey, Sonia Kashuk Tauped, Essie Mink Muffs, Barry M Dusky Mauve

Note: Steel Grey is more purple toned than Sonia Kashuk in real life. Barry M Dusky has gorgeous purple shimmer, and has been touted as a dupe for Chanel Paradoxal. It is extremely pretty! Steel Grey has been a favorite of mine, I wear it often in the fall! Mink Muffs is the most brown of this bunch, but a wearable brown none the less.

L-R: Wet n Wild Club Havana, China Glaze Papaya, Revlon Tangerine, Zoya Sienna

Note: I am sure it’s not a surprise that I like WnW Club Havana. It’s peachy-coral without being in your face. Perfect for summer! China Glaze Papaya Punch is louder and bolder and positively orange. But I like that it’s a bright orange, not traffic cone orange. This is new for summer. Revlon Tangerine has a similar tone to Papaya Punch, but has shimmer and in person is less loud. Thanks to Jessica at Getting Cheeky for tipping me off about how wonderful Tangerine looked on twitter one day. Sienna is a stunning shimmer that’s definitely darker than my other oranges, but the shimmer keeps it from being unflattering.

L-R: Revlon Sunshine Sparkle, Sephora by OPI Color That Can't Be Tamed, Milani Hi-Tech, China Glaze Electric Pineapple

Note: Revlon Sunshine Sparkle is a cute bit of a shade and the glass flecks in it keep it from being just another pastel yellow. The SOPI color is another new shade and is a metallic light green. This is three coats here, and I can see me liking this being layered over Stranger Tides as soon as it gets here 😉 I like it on it’s own as well. Milani Hi-Tech is a holo shade and I adore it! It is so unique to my collection. Electric Pineapple is a bold and loud shade and reminds me me of how Shrek is colored. When I put this on, the bf hated it! lol. Not for the faint of heart! It might be cool under a black crackle if you like crackle polishes.

L-R: Sonia Kashuk Jammin', Milani Parfait, Milani Creamy, Finger Paints Did You Ast-Her Out?

Note: Jammin’ is new for Spring and is a lovely bright shade without being too over the top, Milani Parfait is a favorite color of mine because I don’t have too many shades that are bright pinky purples like this. Milani Creamy is pretty, and is slightly rose toned and not as bright as Jammin’. Did You Ast-Her Out was from Finger Paints spring collection and is my perfect pink.

L-R: China Glaze Senorita Bonita, Finger Paints Heavenly Hydrangeas, Sonia Kashuk Tutti Frutti, Milani Tropical Fiesta

Note: All of these shades are new for spring/summer. Senorita Bonita has an absolutely gorgeous pink-purple-blurple sparkle to it and is the best purple I own in terms of color. Heavenly Hydrangeas is a nice springy purple, and has no shimmer to it. Tutti Frutti is a bright, bright coral while Milani Tropical Fiesta is supposed to be a bright honeysuckle. I would agree that’s it’s a bright pink, but I have seen so many interpretations of honeysuckle, so it’s anyone’s guess what the shade really is. But I rather like the look of it. 🙂

L-R: Zoya Danielle, OPI Mod About You, Zoya Barbie, Essie Haute as Hello

 Note: If you follow me on twitter, you know I got Zoya Danielle because it shares my name. It is a sheer nude with glass flecks (hard to see on camera) it’s quite a lovely “my nails but better” shade. I might be biased by liking it so much because of the name 😉 . Mod About You will look great with a tan, and is notoriously difficult to work with. I find that after two coats it gets better and easier. Barbie is a pretty pink with pink shimmer. Haute as Hello is a bright peachy-coral that leans more peach than most of my other polishes. Is really is a great shade!

L-R: Hard Candy Sky, China Glaze Moody Blue, Barry M Blue Moon, Revlon Blue Lagoon

Note: I have a good laugh when I took this picture. Ahh, so many light blues, so little time. Hard Candy Sky has made the rounds on YT and blogs earlier, and is a lovely shade and the lightest of the ones here. Moody Blue is sadly discontinued and is probably very hard to find. Blue Moon was sent to me by the lovely H over at 25FLondon. In person it is duskier with a bit of grey to it which makes it more wearable as well. Revlon Blue Lagoon is a new favorite because of the glass flecks. I love it!

L-R: LA Splash Aqua Fusion, Essie Smooth Sailing, Zoya Kelly, Milani Blue Flash

Note: LA Splash is a really pretty mid tone blue with blue sparkle. I bought this on a whim actually and I don’t really know when. I just pulled it because I needed another blue. Smooth Sailing is part of Essie’s new collection and is a unique periwinkle sparkle. I am over the moon for this shade, especially because I don’t have a single thing like it! Zoya Kelly had been on my list for awhile and is a deep blue-grey. Very classy, in my opinion. Milani Blue Flash is one of their one coat glitters and I won this in a contest on Twitter. It is pretty, but it took two coats, not one to fully cover my nail. It did, however, cover better than most other glitters out there…but be prepared for top coat because it gets a bit gritty!

L-R: Sally Hansen Silver Lining, Revlon Sheer Pearl, Rimmel Crushed Pearl, Sephora by OPI Traffic Stopper Copper

Note: Sally Hansen Silver Lining is actually quite cool, it flashes blue and silver, this might have been LE, I found it a Walgreens all by it’s onesy in March. Revlon Sheer Pearl is less pink than Crushed Pearl, but both give a similar effect. I ended up with both because Tiffany at Will Work For Makeup did a post about Crushed Pearl and I couldn’t find it, so I settled with the closest I could find. Fast forward a few weeks later, I found it back in stock at my Target. So I have both. Oh well! They are still not really total dupes. Traffic Stopper Copper is new from SOPI and was a total impulse buy because they put that dang nail polish rack by the check out. It is pretty and I don’t have a copper glitter coat, so it was worth the little splurge. 🙂

L-R: Revlon Gold Coin, Sephora by OPI Shiny Dancer, Orly Rage, Revlon Copper Penny

Note: Revlon’s Gold Coin and Copper Penny are newer for this year and are quite lovely as metallics go. They are shiny and very pigmented. Shiny Dancer (part of SOPI’s Urban Ballerina Collection) was bought to complete my need for a metallic grey/slate and it fits the bill nicely. Orly Rage is a gorgeous Rose Gold and a favorite in my collection.

L-R: Milani Hi-Res, Hard Candy Lava, Sephora by OPI Go With the Flow-er, Sally Hansen Black Platinum

Note: I can’t take credit for finding Milani Hi-Res on my own. After seeing it in a post by Kizzy, I knew it had to be mine. I really love the Milani Holos and Digital is on it’s way to me now! Hard Candy Lava is such an amazing shade, and it really reminds me of lava! I get the most compliments and questions on this color when I wear it. SOPI Go With the Flow-er is my favorite coral. It is glass-flecked and perfect. A must have for all collections; I have bought some already for friends of mine I like it that much! Sally Hansen Black Platinum is quite dark, a pearly black and has been compared to Chanel Black Pearl. I don’t really know how similar it is, so I won’t speculate it’s dupe-dom since I don’t own it. But, this shade is quite sassy none the less.

L-R: China Glaze For Audrey, OPI Mermaid's Tears, For Audrey+Silver Shatter, Mermaid's Tears+Silver Shatter

Note: For Audrey isn’t new for me, but I showed it just so you could see the difference between it and Mermaid’s Tears from the new Pirates Collection. Stranger Tides and Skull & Glossbones are still on the way and I will swatch upon arrival 🙂 Mermaid’s Tears is my favorite type of this shade that I own, because of the slight murkiness to it. The Silver Shatter is the first shatter I have had interest in and actually really enjoy it! I ended up picking up a gold shatter today from Sally Hansen that I will review soon as well! If you haven’t liked the shatters before, check this one out because it is such a different look!

L-R: For Audrey+China Glaze Concrete Crackle, Mermaid's Tears+China Glaze Lightning Bolt Crackle, Same+Silver Shatter

Note: Again, I have to stress that I am not a huge fan of the crackle look. I prefer Concrete over Lightning Bolt here, but I imagine with the right color the white shatter would look nice. Still, the Silver Shatter is my favorite!

Well I hope that gives you an idea of some of the new stuff out here this Spring. Don’t forget to check out my other Zoya (here ) and China Glaze (here and here)  posts for other polishes they have released recently.


Get Your Pastel On!

17 Mar

Nothing cures my winter blues (especially on the last days of it, they just draaagggg on, don’t they?) more than pastel eyeshadows! I love them, and I am always on the hunt for more wonderful and unique shades. Being the bargain hunter that I am, I always scour Target for makeup goodies to try at  “doesn’t hurt my pocketbook” prices, you know kinda like the way Guerlain does 😦

Anyway, Sonia Kashuk has some wonderful items out for spring that I have been showing this week. Next up is the Eye on Color Palette, full of wonderful pastel colors.

Eye on Color Palette

SK Eye on Color Swatches, first 6 shades

SK Eye on Color Last 6 shades

Full of pastels, beachy neutrals and some darker crease shades to take your looks well into the long summer nights, this palette is going to be a go-to one for spring and summer for me. I can already tell. I am getting all kinds of wonderful visions of the great looks I am going to create with this palette! Soft and shimmery these colors will work on all kinds of skin types and skin tones. It is $19.99 now at Target.  Will you be hauling?

Obsessed! Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blush

2 Mar

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Tipsy and Flushed

It’s hump day! We have made it through half of the week!  Soo, a couple of weeks ago I stopped in to Sephora just to pick up their fabulous false eyelash applicator (you can find it here) and I saw the new Tarte display with the Amazonian Clay Blush on it. I swatched one or two of the shades at the time and was highly impressed with not just the pigmentation, but the velvety smoooooth way it swatched on my skin. I didn’t pick any up that day, but this past week I found myself back at Sephora, and picked up two shades, Flush and Tipsy. Let me just say, I AM IN LOVE with these blushes. I have Amused and Natural Beauty on my wish list next. I also went ahead and ordered the QVC set that includes a QVC exclusive shade found here (you can see swatches of that set on Musings of a Muse). Tarte is really impressing me lately. I am not a fan of their cheek stains and I think they are overhyped. They make work for some people, but they just slip and slide on my skin with very little color payoff. These are the antithesis of the cheek stains! Check out the swatches!

Top- Tarte Clay Blush in Flushed, Bottom- Tarte Clay Blush in Tipsy

These blushes blend so easily and I have worn  each color for a whole day and they did indeed last. I am going to test them for wear some more, but I don’t expect to experience any issues. The application is flawless. As you can see, they are not shimmery, but they have a unique lit-from-within type of effect on my cheeks. I like these better than my NARS blushes, and are quite possibly the most favorite blushes I own. A side note- Tipsy is an almost dead-on dupe for MACs LE blush ombre in Ripe Peach. If you weren’t able to snag that when it was released, I would pick up this blush!

Tarte Tipsy (L) vs MAC Ripe Peach (R)

See how close those are?! In person, I cannot see the difference, but on camera they look just ever so slightly different. You can see Tipsy on the lovely Tiffany on her blog Will Work For Makeup. These blushes retail for $25 a piece available now at Sephora.

Will you be hauling any of these?

New For Spring! Stila Garden Bliss Set

28 Feb

Stila Garden Bliss Palette

Happy Monday! Whew, I need a weekend from my weekend. I went on a super cleaning and organizing binge, I spent Sunday in recovery fully equipped in yoga pants and a sweatshirt all day. But now, it’s time for makeup! I recently ordered the Stila Garden Bliss set when Stila sent out an email saying it was available to pre-order for a limited time. I can’t find it on Stila’s site anymore, but it is available from HSN. Don’t worry though, this set will be available again later this spring. It include a travel palette in Garden Bliss, mini lipglaze in Guava, a mini mascara and the cutest gold clutch. Let’s take a look at the swatches!

Stila Swatches L-R: Stila Lipglaze Guava, Stila Garden Bliss Palette

I really like that they included a powder blush this time instead of a convertible color like the past travel palettes—it gets kind of messy mixing the two together in the same compartment, ya dig? Although I like the travel palettes and the blush in this one is a great color, I was not impressed with the eyeshadows, particularly the lighter shades. They are really nothing special. The lipgloss is fine as well, but again not special. I feel bad that I am really lukewarm over this because I have liked all of my other travel palettes. The best part of the set was the gold clutch!The mascara is going in the garbage for me. I used it yesterday and it made my eyes itch and water terribly. It also made my eyelashes feel extremely crunchy and crusty (yeah, eww!). I don’t have particularly sensitive eyes or skin, so if you do I would stay away from the mascara! This set is $32.

Thankfully, I also threw in a smudgestick that I have had my eye on for awhile and I am looooving the shade and the staying put power of this!

Stila Smudgestick in Peacock

Peacock is a lovely dimensional shade and really brightens up my eyes. It stays put on the water line too! These retail for $20/each at Stila or Sephora.

Overall, I don’t feel the Garden Bliss Set is by any means a must have. I don’t think it’s even a “nice to have”. It’s more of an item I would recommend for those with very little makeup or those who really like neutral, light shades. The smudgestick, however, is an absolute must have in my opinion!