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Sonia Kashuk Paris Night Quad- For That Night Out Look

25 Jan

Goood Afternoon all! I have to share my love Sonia Kashuk’s products whenever I can. I have NEVER been disappointed with anything I have bought from her line, whether it’s blushes, shadows, polishes or brushes. It is always top notch. Enter the Paris Night Eyeshadow Quad for $12.99 in Target Stores or at

Sonia Kashuk Paris Night Quad

Sonia Kashuk Paris Night Quad Swatches

All of the colors are lovely. But the formula is the stand out here. The deep blue has the softest, most buttery formula. I am in love with how wonderfully it blends and applies. All of the shades are beautiful and include are darker silver gray, lighter silver and one of Sonia Kashuk’s signature glitter shadows. This quad creates a lovely smokey eye.

Have you picked up any of Sonia Kashuk’s eyeshadow quads? I have a number of them, and enjoy them all.


The Best Way to Declutter Your Makeup….

6 Jan

Hello lovelies! This summer I discovered a wonderful new way to declutter my makeup stash, namely, my eyeshadows. You know, the zillion little singles you have lying around in drawers, obnoxiously unorganized and underused? Have no fear! Enter, the Z Palette.

My Z Palette

This is a magnetic empty palette and is your canvas to design as you see fit. I purchased mine from for $20 and I chose the Zebra print version, though they come in other varieties. This is the large size and holds a number of eyeshadows. At first glance I can see Urban Decay, Stila, Pop, Prescriptives, and Ulta shadows in there. Most of these shadows came in their own containers, which I had to de-pot (sometimes this can be difficult) in order to place them in here. But throwing out all those containers and organizing the shadows in here gives me access to several shades I was overlooking because they were buried in my stash. Not to mention the space it cleared up by doing so! I plan to get at least one more Z Palette because I thoroughly enjoy the convenience and travel ability it gives me. It is worth noting that it is very sturdy as well. The clear view top is almost acrylic like in hardness. The only word of caution I have is that not all potted shadows are magnetic, so you may need to go to your local craft store and buy some magnet stickers to stick on the back of your shadows. Isn’t this such a great idea?!

Deal! ELF Studio Cream Eyeliners

3 Jan

The first half of this year I was over the moon for cream and gel eyeliners. I kind of lost touch with these beauties as my time became more scarce in the fall and now through the holidays. But truly, I do love gel and cream eye liners for the amazing staying power and control I have with shaping my eyes. Enter the ELF Studio Cream Eyeliners. A true bargain, these ladies retail for $3 each and come with a mini angled brush. I have four of the colors to share with you today.

L-R: Midnight, Copper, Metallic Olive, Gunmetal

They do have the normal black and brown shades in addition to a purple shade, none of which I have tried. I wanted to stick with colors that I didn’t already have somewhere else in my collection. They do also have a Pearl white color, which I own but cannot seem to find. Suffice it to say that it is lovely when used as a base for your eyeshadows. I get great wear time with these and they last all day on me. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending these to someone who wants to give cream eyeliners a go. The only thing I noticed with these compared to others I have is that they seem drier, not quite as creamy. They come in a cute acrylic square container, shown below.

ELF Studio Cream Eyeliner

For a $3 product (I probably bought all of them during a sale, so maybe $1.50) it is an absolute steal. You can find them on Are you a fan of ELF products? I know I am, especially with the Studio line of products.

Make Up For Ever HD Microfinish- The Blush That Lasts Forever…

31 Dec

I stepped into a Sephora store in June of this year. I was looking for something VERY specific. A SA approached me and asked me if I needed help finding something. I told her that I was looking for “a true coral, matte, cream or cream-to-powder blush.” Thinking that what I was looking for was not going to be a possibility as I had already searched for this item long before I entered the store, I was surprised when she said, “I know just what you are looking for, come with me.” She led me to the Make Up For Ever section and pointed out the HD Microfinish blushes. She picked out a color that looked positively orange in the bottle and even on her skin. She was, however several shades more pale than my NC37 skin (probably even darker at the time since it was summer time). On me, it looked perfect. EXACTLY what I was searching for. I told you that story, to tell you that I now have a slight obsession with these blushes. See below for more details.

MUFE HD Microfinish Blush Container

As you can see, they come in pump form and there has been much discussion over the, err, usefulness of the container. It tends to pump out more product than you could ever possibly use because of how highly pigmented this blush is. I only gently pump a tiny bit out at a time so as not to waste product. It is $25/blush, but I foresee these blushes lasting a long, long time. They can be found at

L-R: Nip Slip, Star Struck, Quickie, First Kiss

The shades I have are as follows:

#5- Nip Slip: Neutral Pink, gives a very natural flush

#14- Star Struck: Pale Peach, which gives me that ‘no blush’ blush look. Very nude and natural

#6- Quickie: Salmon Pink, a brighter slightly coral pink.

#12- First Kiss: Bright Apricot, very intense (can be orangey) coral but is lovely when sheered out.

I want to try more shades, because I can tell you without a shred of doubt that these are by far the longest lasting blushes I own. Period. End of Report. You do have to blend them into your skin quickly because it dries and sets pretty fast. Once it sets, it ain’t budgin’ ’til you remove it baby. I am grateful to the SA who kindly directed me towards a HG product for me. Yes, this is that good for me. Again, I want to stress that just because these worked for me, they may not work for everyone. I tend to have oily skin, especially in the summer. So finding a blush that won’t melt off my cheeks is truly a miraculous event. What say you about MUFE products? Have you tried any of the HD blushes yet?