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I am back home!

14 Mar

Ahhh, as much as I love traveling and as much as I love seeing the world, it is always good to come back home!

I thought I would share a few pictures of my recent trip to New Orleans with you all. I picked up plenty of new makeup goodies along the way, and I will be sharing those with you in the near future! It’s good to be back!

Audobon Park- Spanish Moss on a Tree

Bienville House

Blooms in Jackson Square


Lovely Architecture!

Typical New Orleans Fare

We had a fabulous time and I fell in love with New Orleans. I have always loved the Southern U.S. and am already plotting a return trip in the fall with my boyfriend this time (he didn’t come with me on this trip). I tried a lot of different foods while we were there including crawfish, fried alligator, po’boys, fried okra, grits, beignets, gumbo, jambalaya and my very first Pinkberry! We shopped, walked, rode the street cars and toured pretty much everything. This was hands down my favorite trip ever! 🙂 Share your favorite trip in the comments section below!


The “Get to Know Me” Post

23 Feb

Good Evening! Today’s post isn’t so much about makeup as it is about yours truly. As a blogger (I still feel weird calling myself that) so that’s stick with “online semi-anonymous writer”….err, better yet, blogger.  Anyhow, to break that cloud of thinly veiled anonymity, I am inspired to write a post about myself. 7 things about myself, to be precise. For the inspiration based on her post here, I thank Tiffany of Will Work For Makeup, whose blog I read and who (though she probably doesn’t know it) inspires me in a creative makeup sense as well. So here goes nothing.

1- I am a compulsive perfectionist.

Yes, I will obsess over the tiniest of details, re-doing something as small as a handwritten reminder note (read post-it)  if I think my handwriting is off or looks too sloppy. Over the years I have learned to let go of the things that really needn’t worry me. But I still battle with my love/hate relationship with this side of myself. I have learned through many avenues of self-exploration and spiritual journeys that although I may never change this part of myself, I can certainly change the way that I think. But don’t worry, regardless of whether or not I someday master that talent, I love me anyway 🙂

2- I have 2 Golden Retrievers that I treat like my children better than most people’s children.

Oakley age 3 (Back) & Brinkley age 1 (Front)

These two are my babies. Everyday they greet me when I come home and they are ALWAYS happy to see me. No matter what has happened at the office on a given day, these two make me feel so happy and uplifted. They are truly lights in my life and I would be crushed if anything ever happened to them. I spoil them, enable them and take them to the vet too much. But, they are so worth it 🙂

3- I have a long term boyfriend and we own a beautiful home together.

I choose not to post his picture here because this blog is mine, and my choice. He knows I blog and supports me in that endeavor, but he doesn’t blog, and I am respecting his right to privacy, and to not be thrust into the internet void against his own doing :). Suffice it to say that he has beautiful blue eyes and I adore him. He is quite literally the butter to my bread. I have, like most people had several unsuccessful and heart breaking relationships before meeting A.J. (his first and middle initials, not his actual name) but I am quite certain he is the one I will marry someday.

4- I fancy myself a mini Martha Stewart (or I enjoy crafting, cooking and gardening)

a "King Tut" Papyrus growing next to my garage in my back yard

A Christmas Ornament Wreath I crafted

The two above pictures represent two of my most favorite items. The first is of my Papyrus that I grow every year. It starts off as a measly three stalked 12 inch plant and turns into that…and bigger as this was taken before summer was over. At it’s peak it will touch the top of the garage roof, at over 10 feet tall! Mind you, this an annual and I have to replant it every year. But I get so many people who come over and neighbors asking me what it is. I love this plant! The wreath is also a favorite craft that I have made. I saw something like it in a magazine and thought, “I want one of those!” and so, I did it. Now it hangs proudly above my fireplace every Christmas.

5- When it comes to clothes, I choose comfort over style (when I’m not at work).

I work in a professional field, and by day I wear many manner of cute, girly, high-heeled and lovely things usually wonderfully accessorized with assorted bags and jewelry. Even then, I don’t consider myself particularly “trendy” I usually opt for more classic/conservative clothes with bolder accessories and timeless pieces. HOWEVER…when I get home, first thing, all of that  comes off and the yoga pants come on. I live in yoga pants around my house and own a ridiculous amount of them (more than I own of jeans in fact) because they are so utterly comfortable and fabulous. Luckily my boyfriend thinks they are cute and when my friends come over for a night in, they are usually in some manner of comfort clothes too. On the weekends I will opt for jeans or leggings but once I am home for the day/night—the yoga pants come right back out…. usually accompanied by a t-shirt from my alma mater or a large sweatshirt when it’s cold. 🙂

6- I come from a ridiculously large (and broken) family.

I am not going to picture them here, but suffice it to say I come from a big family. My parents are divorced (since I was 3) and have both remarried. I have one full sibling, an older brother, two younger half-sisters, and one younger step-brother. I have about 25 cousins, 8 aunts, 9 uncles and a partridge in a pear tree. I come from a family of dog lovers so between all of us there are also 12 dogs. Luckily, we don’t all ever gather at once except at funerals or weddings because it gets pretty crazy. Our family is part Welsh and part Scottish and there must be a smattering of some other part of the world in us because my dad and I are quite medium/tan skinned. In the summer, we both get ridiculously and not purposely tan.

7- I have too many interests and hobbys in my life and some other random factoids.

Christmas Parade 2010

Above, one of my other hobbys is volunteering in my community. This is one of the ways I try to do that. I am bottom center, as Vixen the reindeer this year and every year since 2004. I have also (when I have the time) volunteered as an elementary and middle school tutor.

I have a serious reading addiction. I read and listen to books everyday before I go to bed. I also enjoy learning of any kind—-especially History and Geography–my two favorite subjects when I was in school. A good friend of mine and I actually play a geography based game against each other and have fun doing it. NERDS!

My city is on a huge lake, which has bred in me a love for the water. We own a jet-ski and go every weekend in the summer, weather-permitting. When I am not jet-skiing I am usually out fishing with my dad or my boyfriend’s dad and I am not afraid to bait my own hook and get my hands dirty.

I have a passion for travel. I am going to New Orleans for the first time next week and I am deeply excited about it. I want to travel the U.S. and the world for as long as I am physically able. I want to eat foods from all over and experience as many cultures and peoples as I can. I can speak Spanish and hopefully I will get to use that in a native Spanish speaking country some day….

Whew….that was long and drawn out. But now you know more about the person behind the blog and what makes me tick. Do share some things about yourself in the comments section or on twitter!