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MAC is giving me the (B) Right Idea!

13 Apr

Ahh, Wednesday! It is mid week point once again, it only goes up from here gals! Most of you live in areas where it is starting to warm up, which means we are all starting to bust out our bright colors after their long and tortuous hibernation. I already did a little post on some brights from MAC, which you can visit here. Today, it’s all about the lips though!

MAC Lipsticks, Top-Bottom: Girl About Town, Costa Chic, Impassioned, Riveting Rose

MAC Costa Chic (better swatch)

All of the shades are bright and gorgeous! I did a second swatch of Costa Chic because it was getting drowned out by the other shades in the group swatch. Perfect spring lipstick! I thought I would be bothered by the frost finish, but it actually adds to the glow of this lipstick. Thank you to the many lovely ladies who recommended this lipstick to me!

MAC Costa Chic

And of course, you need to see what it looks like on the lips. I know my lips look dry and the lines in them are more apparent, but I assure you it isn’t the lipstick. I was swatching many lipsticks at once and Costa Chic was the last one! I cannot tell you how happy I am with this shade that for so long was worried if I would be able to pull off!

MAC Girl About Town

Girl About Town was only semi on my radar until the very beautiful Tiffany did a post on it on her blog, Will Work For Makeup. Then I knew I had to try it out. Love it I did, at first sight! Amped up or toned down, I actually feel very chic in this color!

MAC Impassioned

MAC Impassioned was inspired by yet another blog post on  British beauty blog called Bubblegarm. I really enjoy following her blog, and she always has very unique posts! I love this color, although based on the blog post that inspired the purchase, I expected it to be a bit more fuchsia colored. Still, one of my loveliest brights!

MAC Riveting Rose

Ahh, another “impulse” buy. I was at a MAC counter some time after the Jeanius Collection launched this year and LOVED the lip combo the MUA was wearing. She showed me the products, I tried them on, and well, that was that. The combo ended up being Riveting Rose lipstick and Painted On lipglass. I love Painted On over just about everything, though I am not wearing it over the lipstick in this post so you can see the lipstick on it’s own. It has such an awesome sparkle to it, sometimes giving off a purple sparkle, or even a blueish sparkle!

I know that lip swatches are NOT my forte, but a girl gets points for being brave and trying right? I promise I am going to get better at it! 🙂 What are your favorite brights, MAC or otherwise?


Some New (To Me) MAC lipsticks

29 Dec

Hello lovelies! I bring to you today the collaboration of different hauls but I thought as long as I was doing lipstick, I might as well do all three of my newest purchases together, for simplicities sake. At any rate, the three new lippies I got are Pink 4 Friday (Very LE, not sold anymore unfortunately), Freckletone (Perm) and Jest (discontinued, found at CCO). I really enjoy all three of these colors, so let’s take a look.

L-R: MAC Jest, Pink 4 Friday, Freckletone lipsticks

L-R: MAC Jest, Pink 4 Friday, Freckletone lipsticks

I have lip swatches of all of these as well, but didn’t post because I didn’t want this to be picture overload. If you want me to post them, I would be glad to do so. At any rate, I will start with Jest, which was discontinued some time back and I found this at my local CCO. Yours may have them as well, but each one is different and carries a different stock of items. I loved this shade when I saw it. It is an orangey-red with gold shimmer throughout. It looks fantastic on my skintone. It veers more red than orange on me. It is a lustre finish. I can’t remember exactly what I paid for it, maybe $11?

Then, we have Pink 4 Friday. This has been reviewed quite a bit recently. My take on this shade is that, yes, it is bright pink. And yes, it can be difficult to work with. I am still glad I purchased it though. It was extremely limited edition, which makes me angry. Don’t get me wrong–I get that a cutting edge cosmetic company can’t keep adding permanent items ad infinitem, but giving customers a bigger window is appreciated. Beyond that, if you got your hands on it, we can agree that sometimes the best way to pull this shade off is by toning it down with a neutral/brown lipliner. When I do that and use a light hand it looks like a gorgeous bubblegum pink. I swipe a little of Pink Poodle lipglass over it and it is my FAV pink combo.Pink 4 Friday is satin finish.

That brings us to Freckletone, which was recommended by a Youtube beauty blogger that I really enjoy watching, Michele1218. Her channel is here. I am so glad I purchased this after seeing her wear this because it is my favorite lipstick of the moment. It is a great nude, without being that over the top erase your lips kind of nude. It has warmth to it and that just warms up your whole look. It is a lustre finish.

That’s all for now. Do you have any of these lippies? What are some of your favorite lipsticks of the moment?