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ET: Entertainment Thursday

3 Mar

Good Afternoon! I hope all of you are doing well! I wanted to start a series on my blog with entertainment info- basically a “What I’m currently watching, listening to and reading.” I appreciate your feedback and would love participation from readers on this. Please leave what you are WRLing (Watching, Reading, Listening) in the comments section below!


TV: House, MD & the new season of American Idol. I have always loved House and never miss an episode! Sarcastic humor is my favorite! I didn’t think I would like American Idol without Simon, but I actually enjoy the new vibe and energy from the Tyler-Lopez-Jackson compilation. Kind of bored with the chow itself, but props to the great judges!

Movie: I am anxiously anticipating the March 6th release of Rachel McAdams movie ‘Morning Glory’. I hope it’s good. It’s at the top of my Netflix queue! I love Rachel McAdams, she is so pretty and sweet.

Reading: I am currently elbow deep in Dan Brown’s latest novel (the follow up to The da Vinci Code) The Lost Symbol. I actually bought this book after it first came out (I think over a year ago) but never got around to reading it. I am enjoying it so far. I love his books–Angels & Demons was really fun to read as well. He really makes the plot twist and turn so well!

Listening: I am enjoying the Eat Pray Love soundtrack–my three favorite tracks from that are The Long Road- Eddie Vedder, Attraversiamo- Dario Marianelli, Boyz- MIA.

Do share what you are currently WRLing (read whirling) in the comments section below!