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My New Lip Love: Buxom City Slickers Set

26 Jan

What can $39 buy you? Well, if you stop in to Sephora (or visit you can buy the Buxom City Slickers Set which includes 4 big and healthy lipsticks and 4 Buxom lipglosses! Umm, deal! Granted, these are not full size, but you get plenty of product for the price.

Buxom City Slickers Set

If you have never tried either of these Buxom formulas, you will be pleasantly surprised with the refreshing minty tingle they both leave behind. It isn’t obnoxious like some lip plumpers (most of them annoy me so much I can never use them). These are refreshing. I love the colors and the fact that they have a matching stick and gloss.

Buxom L-R: Lipstick Marrakech, Gloss Amber, Gloss over Lipstick, Lipstick Fresno, Gloss Brandi, Gloss over Lipstick

Buxom L-R: Lipstick Vienna, Gloss Denise, Gloss over Lipstick, Lipstick Bombay, Gloss Michelle, Gloss over Lipstick

All of these are extremely long wearing, going for at least 3-4 hours on me. They have a great formula for the gloss, not sticky at all. The lipsticks are a bit drying but that’s intentional because they are a liner and lipstick all in one. I like being able to skip the liner step, anything that saves me time in the morning is a good thing!

Bottom line: a great deal for great colors and products. You should check this out the next time you are at a Sephora store if you haven’t picked it up already!