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March Favorites!

5 Apr

It’s that time again ladies! The time where we showcase the products we have been loving for the past month. I’m not going to sit and introduce this because the title really is quite self-explanatory! Let’s get to it.

March Favorites!

Shown Above:

  • Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation- Medium
  • MAC Bare Study Paint Pot
  • Bare Minerals Nude Beach e/s
  • Physicians Formula Happy Booster Translucent Powder
  • MAC Pro Longwear Concealer in NW20
  • Tarte Foundation Brush
  • Sonia Kashuk Cheerful lipgloss
  • MAC Oak Lipliner
  • MAC Sheen Supreme Lipstick Gotta Dash!
  • Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush Tipsy

Swatches L-R (w/flash) Happy Booster Powder, Oak lipliner, Gotta Dash, Cheerful, Tipsy, Nude Beach, Bare Study, Nude Beach over Bare Study, Pro Longwear Concealer

I have been using the Happy Booster Translucent Powder for over a month now. I love the smell, the feel, and slight glow it gives my skin. Oak lipliner is a great liner that I have been under my brights to tone them down a notch for day time or office wear. Gotta Dash is one shade from the new formula launched by MAC in February (I think that’s when it came out). It is such a pretty peachy coral that goes with everything. I have been wearing it over Oak lipliner as well to extend wear time. Cheerful gloss is in the same color family as Gotta Dash, and I LOVE the formula of this gloss. It is not sticky at all, very different formula than I have ever tried. I am not sure what more I can say about Tarte Tipsy than I have already said. You can see my original review here and my follow up dupe comparison here. It is a very lovely blush to have for any skin tone really. Bare Minerals Nude Beach eyeshadow was something I first heard about from Tiffany @ Will Work For Makeup on twitter. Once she tweeted about it, I had to investigate! Then I believe it was a few days later Jessica from Getting Cheeky did a FOTD with it, you can see her post here. It was all downhill after that, as they say. I picked it up right away and fell in love with it. I wore it layered over Bare Study Paint Pot from MAC most often. While in New Orleans, I had my makeup done (not a full face) at a MAC counter and adored the concealer the wonderful MUA used and purchased it on the spot. The Pro Longwear Concealer is perfect for under the eye. NW20 is lighter than my normal concealer shade, so I wouldn’t use this on my face. It is specifically for my under eye area. I typically like a lighter shade of concealer under my eyes, and the MUA there actually recommended going for a lighter than my skin tone color to use under the eyes. This is the first concealer I have used under my eyes THAT DOES NOT CREASE EVER! I don’t even need to set it, and frequently I don’t. It blends well and it my HG under eye concealer.

Swatches without the flash

Tarte Foundation Brush

Lastly, I had to mention this brush. By far, hands down the best brush for foundation it has been my pleasure to try! This came with a QVC set called Tarte 8th World Wonder and is meant to be used with the clay foundation (also shown above) The foundation and the brush are worth the price of the QVC set alone. The clay foundation is perfect for my oily skin. It contains SPF 15 and blends like a dream. I am not going to go too much into detail on this because I have a full review of the set coming up. But I have used this brush and the foundation almost every single day since getting it a month ago. It is so incredibly soft and dense!

That about wraps up my favorites for last month. Feel free to share your favorites below, or your thoughts on the products I mentioned above. Have you tried any of them?


This or That, Volume 1

4 Apr

Hi all! Happy Monday! Based on the feedback I have gotten on past posts, many of you really really like seeing comparisons and possible dupes A LOT. I don’t blame you, I love it when someone finds and compares what they have to something new or different they have gotten. So, with that explanation I welcome This or That to my blog. A series of posts with items showing comparable colors, but not necessarily formula based. I will try to note any differences in formula that I detect along the way, but mostly these posts are going to be all about color! I cannot promise how often these posts will happen, at least once a month is my goal. Reason being it takes a long time to go through my collection, find comparable products, swatch, photograph, and then of course compose the post. I will take requests or suggestions for these, providing I have the products to compare. Without further ado, here come the swatches!

L-R ELF Mint Cream, OPI Gargantuan Green Grape, Milani Dressmake, China Glaze Refresh-mint, China Glaze For Audrey, Orly Mint Mojito

L-R: Orly Mint Mojito, OPI Gargantuan Green Grape, China Glaze Refresh-Mint, ELF Mint Cream (shown above it is China Glaze For Audrey), Milani Dressmaker

They all apply well, apart from one. OPI Gargantuan Green Grape is a pain. Shown above is 4 coats. I love the color of it but don’t see myself reaching for it too often based on the issues! Orly Mint Mojito has a darker green base than Milani Dressmaker, and lacks its dimensional jade sparkle. Both are very nice colors and easy to apply, and are two coats here. China Glaze For Audrey, Refresh-mint and ELF Mint Cream are all quite similar. For Audrey is more blue than the other two. Refresh-mint is lighter than Mint Cream and covers better. ELF’s Mint Cream is two coats here and you can see it doesn’t quite fully cover the nail. Milani Dressmaker would be my favorite if I had to pick just one. The price of these polishes very by where you get them, but range from $1-$8. The ELF one is the bargain of the bunch at just $1, so if you are looking for the pastel minty nail look but don’t want to shell out loads of cash to get it, this might be a good option!

L-R: MAC Crosswires vs Sonia Kashuk Coraline; MAC Ravishing vs. Revlon Colorburst Peach

I totally did not plan on getting all of these shades just to show them on my blog. But when I sat down to start this series I just began pulling products I thought might be similar. Lo and behold I found two drugstore almost dupes for two MAC lipsticks. I love all 4 of these lipsticks and they all go on smoothly. The longest lasting has to be the Revlon Colorburst if you are looking for longevity. Coraline is slightly more orange than Crosswires and Ravishing is slightly brighter than Peach. If you have one shade you definitely don’t need the other! Price wise you will be $14.50 for each of the MAC ones. On sale, I purchased the Revlon lipstick for about $4 and I paid around $8 for Sonia Kashuk at Target.

Clockwise from Left: Benefit Powderflage, Bare Minerals Well Rested, ELF Eye Brightener

L-R: ELF Eye Brightener, Benefit Powderflage, Bare Minerals Well Rested

Oh, how I love under eye brighteners! Three powder versions I have tried are from ELF, Benefit (the popular Powderflage) and Bare Minerals Well Rested. Of the three I can tell you my clear favorite is Well Rested. It is much more brightening than ELF’s version and is more yellow and flesh toned than Powderflage which is more pink in color. Well Rested is the most pigmented of the three as well. All three may work for different people, depending on your skin tone, under eye circles and personal preference. For me, I can use a translucent powder to set concealer so I am not looking for something to just set my concealer with. I want to see noticeably brighter results. Well Rested definitely gives me that. A word of caution if you have dryness under your eyes, Well Rested may emphasize the dryness so moisturizing is key.  Price wise, Powderflage is $28, Well Rested goes for $18 and the ELF version is the cheapest of the three at just $3. I would not recommend the ELF version for anyone of my skin coloring. I consider myself a medium skin tone, and it didn’t brighten for me at all. At first glance $3 makes it seem like a total bargain…but for me it was a wasted $3 as I did not notice any difference under my eyes at all.

Well, that wraps up  This or That Volume 1! Thanks for playing along! Do share suggestions, requests or your thoughts on the products I mentioned below, I’d love to hear what you think!