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MAC Nail Polish Dupes from Venomous Villains

29 Dec

Hey beauties! I come with excellent news for all of you who wanted to get your hands on Bad Fairy and Mean & Grean Nail Polishes from MAC’s massively sold out Venomous Villains Collection. I did not snag Formidable but I did get the two I mentioned above and I have recently found some new dupes for both of them! Umm, yay! Only bad news, one is slightly hard to get in the U.S. See below for the deets!

L-R: Hard Candy Beetle, MAC Mean & Green, MAC Bad Fairy, Accessorize Pink Spice

The first dupe is easily found at your local Walmart. Hard Candy’s Beetle is a dead on dupe for Mean & Green. Check it out!

T-B: MAC Mean & Green, Hard Candy Beetle

It is worth mention that I think I paid $13 for MACs version and the wear time is awful, truly. It maybe lasts two days on me. Hard Candy’s version was maybe $5 and lasts at least twice as long. Go snag it at your Walmart, like now! This is a steal!

Then we have Bad Fairy’s dupe, which was harder to find. Let me preface this by saying I searched high and low for a dupe even though I purchased Bad Fairy right away from MAC. Why you ask, did I then go through all the trouble? Two reasons: for the people who were unable to get one and because it is such a great color, I wanted a back up of it. I’m not kidding, half my bottle is already gone! Anyway, enter Accessorize Pink Spice.

T-B: Accessorize Pink Spice, MAC Bad Fairy

I apologize for the non-cleaned up nails, but I was snapping pictures in a hurry. Anyway, Pink Spice is actually a better version of Bad Fairy because although it is the same color (I mean the SAME color) it is more pigmented which requires less coats. Shown above are two coats of each and notice how the bottom MAC nail is still not fully covered? That’s why I go through the bottle so fast…using three coats each time wastes polish in a hurry. Plus, the wear time on Bad Fairy is once again awful. I can’t speak too much of Pink Spice’s wear time, because I haven’t had ample time to test it yet. The only downside is is a UK company and therefore shipping can be expensive. I happened upon it when they had free shipping to the US so I indulged. The cost of the polish was roughly $6. Also, I waited about a month from ordering to receive it. Granted, Christmas was during that time but still. I have ordered other items from the UK that come in two weeks. Their customer service was also lackluster should you decide to order this, I want you to be aware of my experience. If you didn’t get a chance to pick up Bad Fairy, this is a great alternative and dupe.