New China Glaze Haul!!

18 Jan

Hello there! It’s almost the middle of the week. How has yours been going? Mine has been somewhere between dragging on and speeding quickly by. All of this snow and cold has me feeling a little depressed. But, to make things brighter I placed an order recently for some of the new China Glaze Anchors Away collection and a few other ChG polishes that I have been wanting to try out.

China Glaze Anchors Away L-R: Sea Spray, Lighthouse, Starboard, Ahoy!, First Mate

China Glaze L-R: Lemon Fizz, Peachy Keen, Pelican Gray (Anchors Away), Lubu Heels

I really enjoy the colors and formulas of these polishes. I haven’t tested these exact polishes for wear time, but my usual China Glaze polishes last 5 days with base and top coat. I also picked up three other colors that were on my wish list while I was at it: Lemon Fizz, Peachy Keen and Lubu Heels. I love all three of them, but I was having some application issues with Lemon Fizz, as you can see from the picture. From Anchors Away, I was really impressed with Starboard. I was afraid it might be too much to wear normally. But it’s surprisingly a mild and gorgeously wearable shade. I really enjoy Ahoy! too. It reminded me of China Glaze’s polish from several collections ago, Strawberry Fields. First Mate also reminded me of another polish I owned, Bermuda Breakaway. So I decided to do some comparisons. Here is what I found.

China Glaze L-R: Strawberry Fields, Ahoy! (Anchors Away), Bermuda Breakaway, First mate (Anchors Away)

As you can see, Strawberry Fields and Ahoy! are similar in that they both have the same gold flecked formula, but Ahoy! is darker by several shades. I actually prefer Ahoy!. Next is Bermuda Breakaway vs. First Mate. These are very similar. First Mate has a definite gray tone to it, while Bermuda Breakaway has a slight violet pull. They are not exact dupes, but pretty close. Although I like them both, I prefer the more gray pull of First Mate because it makes it a little more subdued and wearable for work.

All in all I am totally happy with my purchases and my haul. I love China Glaze polishes because they have excellent formulas, very few application issues and TONS of great colors to choose from. Plus, their prices can’t be beat. I ordered mine from for about $2.99/each. I love ordering from this site. Although shipping is a bit high at around $9—it usually gets to me within three days of placing an order. Talk about service!



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