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Make Up For Ever HD Microfinish- The Blush That Lasts Forever…

31 Dec

I stepped into a Sephora store in June of this year. I was looking for something VERY specific. A SA approached me and asked me if I needed help finding something. I told her that I was looking for “a true coral, matte, cream or cream-to-powder blush.” Thinking that what I was looking for was not going to be a possibility as I had already searched for this item long before I entered the store, I was surprised when she said, “I know just what you are looking for, come with me.” She led me to the Make Up For Ever section and pointed out the HD Microfinish blushes. She picked out a color that looked positively orange in the bottle and even on her skin. She was, however several shades more pale than my NC37 skin (probably even darker at the time since it was summer time). On me, it looked perfect. EXACTLY what I was searching for. I told you that story, to tell you that I now have a slight obsession with these blushes. See below for more details.

MUFE HD Microfinish Blush Container

As you can see, they come in pump form and there has been much discussion over the, err, usefulness of the container. It tends to pump out more product than you could ever possibly use because of how highly pigmented this blush is. I only gently pump a tiny bit out at a time so as not to waste product. It is $25/blush, but I foresee these blushes lasting a long, long time. They can be found at

L-R: Nip Slip, Star Struck, Quickie, First Kiss

The shades I have are as follows:

#5- Nip Slip: Neutral Pink, gives a very natural flush

#14- Star Struck: Pale Peach, which gives me that ‘no blush’ blush look. Very nude and natural

#6- Quickie: Salmon Pink, a brighter slightly coral pink.

#12- First Kiss: Bright Apricot, very intense (can be orangey) coral but is lovely when sheered out.

I want to try more shades, because I can tell you without a shred of doubt that these are by far the longest lasting blushes I own. Period. End of Report. You do have to blend them into your skin quickly because it dries and sets pretty fast. Once it sets, it ain’t budgin’ ’til you remove it baby. I am grateful to the SA who kindly directed me towards a HG product for me. Yes, this is that good for me. Again, I want to stress that just because these worked for me, they may not work for everyone. I tend to have oily skin, especially in the summer. So finding a blush that won’t melt off my cheeks is truly a miraculous event. What say you about MUFE products? Have you tried any of the HD blushes yet?


Sonia Kashuk Knows Holiday Nails

30 Dec

What’s up ladies and gents? I was sorting through some of my nail polish the other day, and I rediscovered a trio of nail polishes I purchased at the end of October and kind of forgot about them through all the holiday madness. I am talking about Sonia Kashuk’s Reach For the Stars holiday nail polish trio available at Target for $9.99. Let me tell you, this is a steal.

Sonia Kashuk Reach For the Stars Holiday Nail Trio

They look gorgeous in the bottle, but it wouldn’t really be a review without showing you what these bad girls look like on the nails. Behold, swatches with just one coat!

Sonia Kashuk nail trio

Ummm, can you say wow? I am currently wearing the shimmery champagne-bronze color. They are all equally gorgeous. I cannot believe how well it covered it just one coat. The red could use another, but still! If you have ever used SK’s nail polishes in the past, you will see the same formula you love from her other polishes used here. It is streak free, very easy to apply and I love the brush. I can get about 4-5 days of wear time with a base and top coat. These polishes are simply fantastic!

Have you checked out Sonia Kashuk’s makeup line available exclusively at Target? I have several pieces of her collection (core and limited edition) and I have never been disappointed! More reviews on these items to come!

MAC Nail Polish Dupes from Venomous Villains

29 Dec

Hey beauties! I come with excellent news for all of you who wanted to get your hands on Bad Fairy and Mean & Grean Nail Polishes from MAC’s massively sold out Venomous Villains Collection. I did not snag Formidable but I did get the two I mentioned above and I have recently found some new dupes for both of them! Umm, yay! Only bad news, one is slightly hard to get in the U.S. See below for the deets!

L-R: Hard Candy Beetle, MAC Mean & Green, MAC Bad Fairy, Accessorize Pink Spice

The first dupe is easily found at your local Walmart. Hard Candy’s Beetle is a dead on dupe for Mean & Green. Check it out!

T-B: MAC Mean & Green, Hard Candy Beetle

It is worth mention that I think I paid $13 for MACs version and the wear time is awful, truly. It maybe lasts two days on me. Hard Candy’s version was maybe $5 and lasts at least twice as long. Go snag it at your Walmart, like now! This is a steal!

Then we have Bad Fairy’s dupe, which was harder to find. Let me preface this by saying I searched high and low for a dupe even though I purchased Bad Fairy right away from MAC. Why you ask, did I then go through all the trouble? Two reasons: for the people who were unable to get one and because it is such a great color, I wanted a back up of it. I’m not kidding, half my bottle is already gone! Anyway, enter Accessorize Pink Spice.

T-B: Accessorize Pink Spice, MAC Bad Fairy

I apologize for the non-cleaned up nails, but I was snapping pictures in a hurry. Anyway, Pink Spice is actually a better version of Bad Fairy because although it is the same color (I mean the SAME color) it is more pigmented which requires less coats. Shown above are two coats of each and notice how the bottom MAC nail is still not fully covered? That’s why I go through the bottle so fast…using three coats each time wastes polish in a hurry. Plus, the wear time on Bad Fairy is once again awful. I can’t speak too much of Pink Spice’s wear time, because I haven’t had ample time to test it yet. The only downside is is a UK company and therefore shipping can be expensive. I happened upon it when they had free shipping to the US so I indulged. The cost of the polish was roughly $6. Also, I waited about a month from ordering to receive it. Granted, Christmas was during that time but still. I have ordered other items from the UK that come in two weeks. Their customer service was also lackluster should you decide to order this, I want you to be aware of my experience. If you didn’t get a chance to pick up Bad Fairy, this is a great alternative and dupe.

Some New (To Me) MAC lipsticks

29 Dec

Hello lovelies! I bring to you today the collaboration of different hauls but I thought as long as I was doing lipstick, I might as well do all three of my newest purchases together, for simplicities sake. At any rate, the three new lippies I got are Pink 4 Friday (Very LE, not sold anymore unfortunately), Freckletone (Perm) and Jest (discontinued, found at CCO). I really enjoy all three of these colors, so let’s take a look.

L-R: MAC Jest, Pink 4 Friday, Freckletone lipsticks

L-R: MAC Jest, Pink 4 Friday, Freckletone lipsticks

I have lip swatches of all of these as well, but didn’t post because I didn’t want this to be picture overload. If you want me to post them, I would be glad to do so. At any rate, I will start with Jest, which was discontinued some time back and I found this at my local CCO. Yours may have them as well, but each one is different and carries a different stock of items. I loved this shade when I saw it. It is an orangey-red with gold shimmer throughout. It looks fantastic on my skintone. It veers more red than orange on me. It is a lustre finish. I can’t remember exactly what I paid for it, maybe $11?

Then, we have Pink 4 Friday. This has been reviewed quite a bit recently. My take on this shade is that, yes, it is bright pink. And yes, it can be difficult to work with. I am still glad I purchased it though. It was extremely limited edition, which makes me angry. Don’t get me wrong–I get that a cutting edge cosmetic company can’t keep adding permanent items ad infinitem, but giving customers a bigger window is appreciated. Beyond that, if you got your hands on it, we can agree that sometimes the best way to pull this shade off is by toning it down with a neutral/brown lipliner. When I do that and use a light hand it looks like a gorgeous bubblegum pink. I swipe a little of Pink Poodle lipglass over it and it is my FAV pink combo.Pink 4 Friday is satin finish.

That brings us to Freckletone, which was recommended by a Youtube beauty blogger that I really enjoy watching, Michele1218. Her channel is here. I am so glad I purchased this after seeing her wear this because it is my favorite lipstick of the moment. It is a great nude, without being that over the top erase your lips kind of nude. It has warmth to it and that just warms up your whole look. It is a lustre finish.

That’s all for now. Do you have any of these lippies? What are some of your favorite lipsticks of the moment?